Clément bicyclette No. 2 c.1892

This Clement No. 2 is quite similar to the No.1, featured here.
Most important difference is the head: the No. 1 has a ball head and this No. 2 has a socket head, supported with a spring. This spring is not meant to give suspension, its just to compensate vertical play in the head. 

There are other differences, like the size: this No. 2 is an adult sized bicycle with its 28 inch wheels. And the pedals: this one has rat trap pedals, that also look very original. And of course this one still has the braking gear AND the original saddle. The number 1 I have pictures of is special in the way that it has hollow rims. This No. 2 has the usual pressed steel rims used for cushion tires.  

Unique and rarely seen on this bicycle is the word CLEMENT on the down tube.
Really a nice and original bicycle to find in this condition.  Serial number is 23814.
Thanks for the pictures, Marc!!